Every text needs a second look over after it has been written. Spelling and grammar mistakes can sneak in even with your automatic spellchecker.


Contact me if you are looking for a high-quality grammar and spell check. The focus will be on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Any errors will be highlighted and comments will be included in the document.


Sometimes it will not suffice to only proofread a text. Sometimes your text might require a more in-depth focus on, for example, paragraph transitions, sentence structure, clarity of the text, style etc.


Are you looking to reach out to a Dutch or English audience? Then contact me for translation work.

As an English language teacher, and a native speaker of Dutch, I have acquired the knowledge needed to translate texts from English to Dutch and Dutch to English. I am available to translate any type of text you can think of (i.e. web texts, articles, books, dissertations etc.)

The time required for any of the above topics will, of course, depend on the number of pages and word count.

If you have texts that require an additional check, and you would like an estimate of costs, please fill in the estimate form on the right side of the page.