My name is Judith, I am an experienced teacher and marketer. I have a total of 10+ years of work experience within IT, education, graphic design and marketing.

My unique skillset blends technical IT knowledge with the creativity of design and the soft skills of language and communication. This has allowed me to successfully perform tasks within education, digital marketing and business intelligence teams alike.


The qualifications I have obtained have broadened my knowledge of the English language and provided me with in-depth experience as an English teacher. I believe that student-centered teaching is extremely beneficial to language learning. Therefore, I always try to incorporate various learning styles that will accommodate and create the best possible learning environment for each individual student.

I graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands) with an International Degree in English and Education (Teacher Training), and from the University of Wolverhampton (United Kingdom) with a BA (hons) English and Education. Additionally, I have an In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching (ICELT) from the University of Cambridge.

Marketing & Business Intelligence

Throughout the past decade I have had the chance to contribute to a variety of digital marketing disciplines including content creation and management, development and execution of marketing strategies and business intelligence acquisition.

I enjoy finding ways to continuously improve marketing performance while providing analytic insight through reporting and information design.